Protect Your Investment: Professional Hot Tub Cleanings for Longevity

Hot tubs can provide a number of health benefits for you and your body, not to mention be incredibly relaxing. They can reduce both stress and arthritis pain, improve your sleep habits, and increase circulation throughout the body, all of which are strictly a result of the hot water. The massaging jets may have additional benefits as well.

As hot tubs get older, though, they can also potentially pose a health risk. Even if you regularly clean your machine, sediment and other harmful substances can build up in the piping, which may ultimately lead to decreased water quality.

Poor water quality as a result of improper cleaning or long-term buildup of substances can be damaging. Not to mention, as piping and other components begin to deteriorate, your hot tub’s performance may noticeably decrease.

Seeking Cleaning Services

Your hot tub is an investment that should last you a very long time, and to avoid needing expensive repairs or developing health risks, you can benefit from seeking a professional hot tub cleaning service.

Hot tub takes cleaning 10 steps further than most people would be able to complete, ensuring that each individual component is in shape and functioning properly. The professionals who perform these procedures are hot tub experts capable of taking things apart and putting them back together just as good as before, if not better, given that they will be clean.

What to Expect

These services are extremely thorough, and all you have to do is book a service during a time that works for you and leave the rest up to your technician. Hot tub cleanings may consist of all of the following steps, which may vary depending on the nature of your hot tub.

  • Flushing, Emptying, Cleaning: Your hot tub technician will first pressure flush your system to push out any unwanted sediment or biofilm. Afterward, he will empty, clean, and refill the machine.
  • Cleaning Filters and Jets: Your filters absolutely require cleanings and changes for your hot tub to function properly.
  • Deeper cleaning: Your technician takes the cleaning down into the guts of the hot tub, inspecting and cleaning internal pipework, pumps, and other components.
  • Inspecting and Tightening: Each component is inspected, checked for defects, and tightened.
  • Refilling and Shocking: Once everything is checked, your technician can refill the water, applying any necessary chemicals and shocks for water quality.

Informing the Customer

Once all is said and done, your technician will go over everything with you. This means explaining their procedure and informing you of any faults, defects, or areas that need immediate attention. As hot tub experts, you can count on them to order you any spare parts you may need and install them for you.

These cleanings are all the more important for frequent hot tub users. Your technicians can advise you on how often to have a cleaning based on usage, as well as walk you through proper chemical usage and water balance, essentially checking off all boxes for hot tub owners.