Wednesday, April 1

3 Top Tips for Choosing a Replacement Garage Door

There is a huge choice of options out there in 2017 for those looking for a new garage door, which is great; the more choice there is the more likely it is that the ideal one for you exists.

Because we do not replace our garage door(s) very often though, when we need to choosing between what is out there can prove daunting. At worst, becoming overwhelmed can result in choosing the wrong replacement garage door or simply opting to replace a door with one that most closely resembles your current one, rather than find something better suited.

For that reason, here are just three top tips for choosing a replacement garage door that might just help to keep things simple whilst also preventing you from making the wrong decision – or just spending more than you need to.

  1. Looking for Security?

A top tip is to opt for a sectional garage door if it is security you are looking for. The sectional garage door is one of the most secure currently out there.

Further, for those looking for both maximum security and style, consider specifically a SeceuroGlide sectional garage door, which you can learn more about via the Duratec Security Solutions website. Suffice to say, SeceuroGlide sectional garage doors offer supreme security whilst also coming in a wide range of finishes, colours and panel designs. Hence, they offer the best of both worlds.

  1. Looking to Spend the Least £ Possible?

Manual garage doors are of course cheaper to fit than automated and electronic ones. Further, because you operate them this means they feature no electronic components or mechanisms which are often one of the first or most likely elements f a door to break or become faulty. Hence, one means of instantly saving money without having to opt for a specific door type to do this is to simply compare the price of manual vs. automated garage doors whilst shopping.

Meanwhile, for those who have already decided to opt for a manual garage door and are looking to save even more, the cheapest type of garage door on the UK market in 2017 is probably going to be the standard up and over garage door. Manual up and over style garage doors can be picked up new for less than £200 by shopping via directly via a manufacturer’s website. One such site to find cheap garage doors is, for example is via the Garage Door Sale website.

Easier to make, install, operate and as well easier to break into, when opting for an up and over garage door remember to at least go to the length of adding to the door’s security by fitting an inexpensive garage defender lock. You can pick up a perfectly good garage defender for under £50 via the Lock & Key website. Hence, this is a bonus tip that is well worth taking heed of.

  1. Looking for Something to Fit a Garage Lacking Internal or External Space?

Many garages either internally or externally lack the scope or space to make using many types of doors possible.

A sectional garage door, for example, requires a garage with ceiling room as the door will retract into this space when the garage is opened. Of course not all garages have this space whilst those that do might be owned by people who also require this space for storage.

Meanwhile, a garage with a lack of external space before it might mean that fitting a canopy style garage door is not an option. This is because canopy style garage doors ‘open out’. As such, they require space directly in front in which to do this with of course hitting anything or causing inconvenience to anyone and anything.

In all of these instances the best tip is to look into having a roller door fitted. Roller garage doors, like fabric window blinds, literally ‘roll up’ (if you hadn’t guessed it by the name already), making them an ideal and space saving alternative to an up and over or sectional garage door.