Wednesday, April 1

3 Top Tips for Choosing Replacement Lighting for Your Bedroom

Replacing lighting can cast a whole new light on your bedroom, and not just literally; in bedrooms that feel dull, lacklustre or simply need some better task lighting making the effort to address the issue of lighting could save on redecorating and provide the illusion of having done exactly that.

  1. CEILING LIGHTING: Fit a Remote Control Switch or Easybulb

Never argue over whose turn it is to get out of bed to turn the light off again by investing in a remote control light switch. Traditional remote control light switches can be bought for less than twenty quid, ten at certain times and during the sales, via the B&Q hardware store online or on the high street. Just remember, when changing a light fitting to consult or at least ask an electrician to look over your handiwork if you don’t task them to fit it.

Alternatively, invest in an Easybulb which enables both Android and iphone users to control the lighting within their bedroom using only their mobile phone. This negates the need to start messing with the electrics as well as having to keep a remote control for your lights by your bed. What is more, a smart bulb features additional functions such as an inbuilt dimmer switch and as well colour changing capabilities, enabling you to alter the mood and level of lighting within a bedroom by simply swiping your phone screen. Hence, this is one bedroom gadget that is not only functional but also pretty cool, and potentially rather romantic…

  1. TASK LIGHTING: Pick the Right Bedside Table Lamps

Table lamps can make or break a bedroom design scheme. The bed, after all, is by far the most important feature and piece of furniture within any bedroom. Hence, it should be the focus of any design scheme too. Then, both bedside tables and the lamps placed upon them require some careful thinking over. After all, these are the elements that frame the focus a bed.

Then, to ensure you do not commit any fashion faux pas in the bedroom department, take heed of the advice provided via Oberoi Brothers and specifically their blog article: How to Choose the Right Bedside Table Lamps. At the very least make sure to always buy bedside lamps as a pair and think of scale; tall lamps can be overbearing whilst broad bottomed lamps can take up valuable space on a bedside table surface.

  1. ACCENT LIGHTING: How to Create Ambience

Accent lighting describes lighting additions, devices and strategies which whether achieved using natural or artificial light provides insufficient light by which to permanently illuminate a room or perform tasks such as reading, but which supplements ceiling and task lights.

Not everybody bothers with accent lighting within a bedroom. For some accent lighting is regarded as fussy and unnecessary. For others accent lighting does not tie into the design. This is often the case in particularly utilitarian or minimalist designs. Those who are missing out on using accent lighting simply through failing to realise it is an option or how to go about accent lighting a bedroom could be missing out though.

There are three major ways to control the mood and ambience within a bedroom using accent lighting. There are LEDS, which are the safest means of creating accent lighting and are brilliantly versatile but can fail to create a warm and ambient glow, depending on those purchased. Therefore, if using LEDs of any kind in the bedroom stick to warm, yellow or orange hued ones.

Secondly, there are fairy lights, which have for some years now been a popular means of decorating iron and metal headboards and bed frames and can be purchased either as plug-in or battery pack powered accent lighting.

Finally, there are of course candles. In recent years some people have moved away from using candles to create atmosphere within the home due to perceived safety worries. Others meanwhile have sought to fill every room with designer scented candles paying a fortune to do so and making their entire property smell like one huge pot-pourri bowl. To learn how to use candles in all rooms within the home, including the bedroom, both safely and stylishly then, continue your reading via the Homedit website article: Decorate with candles in Every Room.