Thursday, July 2

A Window Cleaner With a Difference

Most UK home or business owners hire a window cleaner to pay them a visit on a regular basis, which helps to keep the windows clean, both inside and out, yet there are companies that offer window cleaning services, plus a whole lot more. You can, for example, have your roof power washed and the exterior walls of your home, while the windows are being cleaned, which really does transform the exterior of your home or office.

Complete Exterior Makeover

By booking your window cleaning in Chatham with the right company, you can have the following cleaning services, should you wish:

  • Full Roof Clean – A high powered water jet will restore your roof to its former glory, and once this has been done, you can also have the roof sealed with a silicone-based spray.
  • Exterior Walls – Whether brickwork, stone or cladding, your exterior walls can be professionally cleaned using an industrial water jet cleaner. This is an ideal opportunity to take before and after photos, as the transformation will be dramatic when all the dirt and grime is removed, leaving the surface spotlessly clean.
  • Driveway & Terrace Cleaning – Using the same industrial high-powered water cleaner, your driveway and terrace can be cleaned completely, restoring the finish to its original state.
  • Comprehensive Window Cleaning – This would include the inside and out, as well as cleaning the window sills.

We always like to spring clean the interior of our home once a year, so why not do the same with the exterior? This service is affordable and when the clean is complete, your home will look like it has recently been built.