Wednesday, April 1

Air Conditioning – Learn Some Commonly Used Terms and Their Meaning

All the residents of Sherbrooke have air conditioning at their homes and offices. An​ air conditioning unit is a must have in Sherbrooke, especially to handle the summer heat. If you have an air conditioning unit or planning to install a climatisation Panasonic Sherbrooke, you should know the terms that are frequently used to describe various parts and functions of an air conditioning unit.

Cooling capacity

The cooling capacity of an air conditioner is always mentioned in tonnage and it’s calculated in British Thermal Units or BTU’s. One BTU is equivalent to the amount of energy consumed to increase the water temperature​ by one Fahrenheit​ of one pound of water. The cooling capacity is described by tonnage where one Ton is equivalent to 12000 BTU’s.

HVAC technician

An​HVAC (Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) technician is the person that installs and maintains your air conditioner. He is an expert that specializes in installing​, diagnosing, maintaining​, and repairing the mechanical and electrical components of your air conditioner.

Other technical terms

  • Duct – A duct is a pipe connected to your air conditioner that is used to supply, return or exhaust air. It is responsible for delivering proper cooling. It needs to be checked for clogging and cleaned regularly to maintain proper air conditioning.
  • Diffuser – it’s a small part located at the top of ductwork. It is responsible for distribution of air through vents.
  • Fans- these are needed for proper air flow inside the air conditioner and are AC or alternating current powered.
  • Condensing unit- this is the part of air conditioner that’s mounted inside the room. A condensing unit consists of motor, heat exchanger and compressor. The part of air conditioner that’s​ placed outside is called evaporator.
  • Compressor – it compresses the refrigerant to enhance the performance of the air conditioners. A compressor can be of two types screw type or scroll type. A scroll type compressor uses a single fixed and oscillating screw to pressurize the refrigerant whereas a screw type compressor has a pair of synchronized screw for the same function.
  • Refrigerant – any type of substance that can be used to minimize the temperature in its vicinity is known as a refrigerant. The commonly used refrigerants in an air conditioner are ammonia, carbon dioxide, fluorocarbon compounds, hydrocarbons etc. The type of refrigerant that is used in an air conditioner defines the performance of an air conditioning unit.
  • Accumulator – the primary purpose of an accumulator is collecting the refrigerant that flows back from the evaporator and preventing its entry to the compressor.

Your familiarity with above-mentioned terms helps you in various situations. You can communicate with the service center with ease. It also helps you to easily understand the maintenance related instructions and tips.