Thursday, July 2

Common Roofing Issues and How to Deal with Them

The roof is the most important single component of any building, as it protects against the harsh elements, and there are things that can go wrong with your roof. When you consider the roof has to endure everything the UK climate can muster, it is no surprise that it need repairing from time to time, and with that in mind, here are a few common roofing issues, along with recommendations for repair.

  • Missing or Damaged Roof Tiles – Gale force winds can lift roof tiles, as they are not tightly secured to the timber struts, and in the event you do notice some tiles missing, there are affordable roofing contractors in Mansfield who can source identical replacements. Roof tiles can come loose at any time, so you do need to regularly inspect the roof, specifically looking for missing or broken roof tiles.
  • Blocked Guttering – The guttering is a critical component of your roof, as it provides an escape route for rainwater, and should it become blocked, rainwater will cascade down the exterior walls, which will cause damage. If your guttering has seen better days, you should replace it with either PVC or stainless-steel guttering, which will stand the test of time.
  • Damaged Fascia & Soffit Boards – As these are made from timber, damage can easily occur, and should a section come loose, this could result is damp entering the roof structure. These items can be replaced with PVC sections, which do not require any maintenance.

You should always be vigilant regarding your roof and regular inspections will ensure that any shortcomings are noticed and repaired.