Thursday, April 2

How to Build a Pond in Your Garden

Ponds have existed in nature as long as water has filled the earth. People have spent countless hours meditating near ponds, fishing in them, and relaxing on the tranquil banks. Having a pond in your garden is a great way to relax, enjoy nature, and even reduce stress.

If you are interested in building your own pond, you need to know a few significant details. For individuals who enjoy DIY projects, you should know that building your own pond is very rewarding, and the design options are virtually limitless.

Surveying and Digging

In order to begin building your pond, you need to survey your garden in order to find the perfect place to dig your hole. Additionally, you should take a thin metal stake and hammer it into the centre of your pond’s estimated location.

How deep does the stake go into the ground? If hammering the stake into the ground is easy, you know the soil is soft and digging the hole will be easy. However, if the ground resists the stake after only a few centimetres, you should pick a different spot to dig.

Next, you should sketch a rough design on a piece of paper. The shape of the pond can be circular, rectangular, or any other shape. You should outline a few rough measurements of the pond you prefer. For instance, you can make the pond three meters wide, two meters long, and one meter deep. Once you have the measurements, you can calculate the volume of the pond to determine how many litres of water you need.


After you dig your hole, you need to purchase a few items before you fill the hole with water. First, you should purchase a pond liner. A pond liner is a thin piece of durable plastic that seals to the bottom of the pond. The strong material prevents your pond water from seeping into the soil.

Next, you need to buy pond soil. Pond soil is perfect for pond plants, and it helps the bottom of the pond look more natural. You can line the pond and then fill it with a thin layer of soil. Keep in mind that the slower you fill your pond with water, the less mud you will create.

Furthermore, every pond needs a filtration system. A filter is particularly important if you are planning on keeping fish in your pond. You can find the best pond pump for your garden pond by reading online reviews and browsing online pond stores.

If you are going to have fish in your pond, you need to seriously consider purchasing a stronger pump. The water capacity of the pump should be twice the water capacity of your pond. For example, if your pond contains twenty thousand litres, you need a pump that can filter forty thousand litres. Fish can put a lot of strain on the filtration system, so it is important to get an extra durable pump.