Wednesday, April 1

Spellbinding Arboreal Factoids and the Veiled Value of Trees on Your Property

With respect to its topography and terrestrial configuration, Australia is probably best known for its massive barren expanses and vast bone-dry regions, which rest comfortably in the heart of the continent.

Even though officially demarcated deserts make up less than 20 percent of the mainland, it’s worth bearing in mind that more than two-thirds of Australia’s square area receives less than 500 millimetres of precipitation per year – a scientific marker that pigeonholes an area as either arid or semi-arid. Due to this environmental dichotomy, Australia is far and away the driest human-occupied continent on the planet, but this designation comes with an auspicious proviso.

The coastal regions that create a natural barrier between the unforgiving centre of the country and its shorelines is profuse with greenery, undergrowth, and flora, in the form of well over 100 hectares of leafy timberlands. Predictably, the biggest slice of our population pie is sited in these littoral territories, which ostensibly intimates that trees are trademarks of sentience in Australia.

Trees Are the Enigmatic Titans of Nature

The estimated number of trees on the planet outnumbers humans by an exponential factor, as there are trillions upon trillions of arboreal genera interspersed throughout Earth:

  • We’ve seen movies and shows depicting primordial life on Earth, and, for some odd reason, there always seem to be lofty trees in the backdrop, but timber is relatively new to the planet within the grand scheme of its timeline. Roughly 90 percent of Earth’s 4.5 billion year existence was ruled by sky-scraping fungi species and other long-defunct life forms; ligneous trees vegetated less than 400 million years ago.
  • Trees basically function as distillers, purifiers, and sieves with regard to oxygen quality. Simply by performing their unique respiratory habits, they are able to absorb, process, and exterminate pollutants from the proximate ecosystem. Many Australian strains can actually stamp out an entire tonne of carbon dioxide within just four decades.
  • Apart from clarifying our breathable air, trees also inhibit soil attrition, dissuade pooling water, impede audible transference, air-condition the fiery Australian climate, and provide untold splendour to the environment.

While some of us view trees as an obstruction or burden to domestic and commercial parcels of land, you have to understand that a $300,000 property can be reappraised at nearly $340,000 if has well-looked-after trees.

The Great Renaissance of Trees and Property-Enhancing Foliage

Whether you have some withering, unkempt saplings that haven’t been able to mature, repugnant stumps that have yet to be uprooted and serve as eyesores, insalubrious trees that are safety threats to your building, or any other pervasive arboreal worry, you should book some pennywise Perth tree services to placate and titivate your property once and for all.

The property valuations in and around Perth have been incrementally sliding since 2015, which is why buyers and canvassers are beginning to devote a lot more attention towards landscaping and non-structural features when calculating an appropriate sticker price for acreage.

Investing in your trees and flora once or twice per year is extremely influential in connection with your kerb appeal and the amount of capital you’ll win back upon resale, so talk with your local tree service to begin redressing your property.